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digital photos in seconds!
 Bulk Photo Resizer     Bulk Photo Resizer
Both Mac and Windows!


What can Bulk Photo Resizer do for You?

  • Resize ALL the really large Photos from your Digital Camera in seconds whether it is 1 or 1000!
  • Resize Photos from your Camera, iPhone or Smart Phone, Video Camera to be email friendly, website friendly as well as Facebook friendly!
  • Use Bulk Photo Resizer to resize an entire folder of Photos no matter how many!
  • Bulk Photo Resizer will leave the originals as they are and create unique file names for the resized Photos!
  • Automatically have footer text attached to each resized photo like "John's Birthday Party 2012".

Finally you can reduce Large Digital Photo File sizes for easy Emailing and use on Websites but keep the Highest Picture Quality! Download below and be resizing photos in minutes!!


How does Bulk Photo Resizer work and why do people get it?

The first screen shot below shows where you simply select the Folder of where you have the Digital Photos stored, and then select the Folder of where you want the Resized Photos to go to.
You can even create a New Folder or have the resized
photos go into the same Folder!

Bulk Photo Resizer

The second screen shot below shows where you simply wait seconds as each photo is resized for you and placed in the folder you specified.
You will find this so quick it will amaze you!

Bulk Photo Resizer

The third screen shot below shows where you can now view all the resized Photos by clicking on the folder and it will open up the folder the photos were placed in.
You will find it hard to tell the difference as the Quality is so good!

Bulk Photo Resizer

Below is a screenshot of the Folder with all the new Resized Photos.
It cannot get any simpler!

Bulk Photo Resizer
  • Download for FREE and once installed, the Bulk Photo Resizer is ready to make any large digital camera photos the perfect size for websites, emails and facebook.
  • Works on all Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Resize a single photo or resize an entire folder of photos!
  • Bulk Photo Resizer even allows you to take screenshots of your computer as an added extra bonus!!!

Finally a very SIMPLE and ALL-IN-ONE Photo Resizer Software!! Get Your Free Download!! Start Resizing your Digital Camera Photos!

What are people saying about Bulk Photo Resizer?

"Just wanted to let you all know, that out of all the things I buy online, your product has been the most useful and easiest to understand and use. Thank you for a great product." Wayne Deck Perrone Realty
"I previously used either Irfanview or Microsoft Picture Manager. This is easier than either of them. ...it's simplicity is beautiful.In both design and function, it is straight forward, uncluttered and easy to use.The (Screen) Capture facility is an excellent bonus.In today's world of confusion, it is really refreshing to have such a simple and useful tool on the Desktop." Sylvia Stock

"You cannot find anything difficult when all you need to do is point and click - fantastic." - Mark Lazenby

"Resized 253 full size 10mb photos to 500 pixel widths, took less than 10mins. So much easier than anything else I have used, and the images are a much better quality. An indispensable tool, thanks" - Samyo

"Just used the Bulk Image Resizer to do a bulk re-size - BRILLIANT!"- Arcadia Love

"...good program, easy to use and very effective. Will be helpful for school projects..." - Sally Turner

"What a little powerhouse you've made! Simple, easy to use, does exactly what I need it to do. Seriously, a very impressive piece of work. Thank you!" - Peter Blood

People keep awarding Bulk Photo Resizer 5 Stars in reviews and competitions ranging from Best Photo Resizer Software to Best Idea!


Yes you can get a Free Download of Bulk Photo Resizer!

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Can you still get the $17 price before midnight Friday, 27 November 2020?

You can still buy the Bulk Photo Resizer software right now at the special reduced price of $17 instead of $47 that ends at Midnight Friday, 27 November 2020!!

Bulk Photo Resizer Software and Bulk Image Resizer Software will easily Batch Resize Photos and Batch Resize Images so that you can use the resized Digital Photos on Websites without any large downloads as well as send Photos resized by emails without any large attachments. This software has been designed to be the Easiest way to Resize Photos in Bulk. Bulk Photos are easily made into small thumbnails or images and pictures ready to use anywhere on the web. Start having an easy way to handle all your Digital Photos and turn Bulk Photo confusion into Bulk Photo easiness!

Vista Look Picture and Image Icons used in the Bulk Photo Resizer Software
came from
VistaIco.com and Vistaicons.com


Client Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you all know, that out of all the things I buy online, your product has been the most useful and easiest to understand and use. Thank you for a great product."
Wayne Dec - Perrone Realty

"Needed to resize a whole batch of pictures in a hurry for a friends website. Bulk Photo Resizer was so easy to use and fast, even on an old machine, I couldn't believe it a package that does what it says without any problems. It really did made my day to have technology working for me, not against me. Highly recommended!"
Andrew Burton

Bulk Photo Resizer keeps being awarded 5 Stars or the Highest Award by many websites!!

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